Secure and Resilient
Government Collaboration

Navigate a self-hosted communication universe, linking instant messaging, voice, video, and operational digitalization securely

Championing Digital Governance Globaly

  • 100,000+ Active Users
  • 10M Searchable Messages
  • Active in 5 Countries
  • Ensuring 99.9% Service Availability

Why We Are the Choice
for Governments

Hyper Scalable Architecture

Expand with ease, connecting additional users, extending message retention, and augmenting audio/video conferencing capacity as demands evolve

Centralized Management

Navigate through the user-friendly back office, enabling straightforward administration of workspaces, user profiles, and stringent security policies

Unparalleled Security and Privacy

Opt for robust on-premise or private cloud deployment with customized end-to-end encryption for messages, calls, and video conferencing, fortifying data integrity

Voice Calls and
Video Conferencing

Facilitate participation with guest-inviting links

Initiate audio and video calls directly from any group chat

Tailor attendee displays as per requirements

Ultimate Security and Flexibility

Regularly assessed through vulnerability tests and ongoing health monitoring

Implement tailored encryption algorithms and integrate security/compliance frameworks

Implement Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for added security

Options for self-hosting or deploying within a secure, trusted datacenter

Configure custom admin roles, user permissions, and data retention policies

Access comprehensive audit logs for meticulous record-keeping

Premium Support

Obtain an SLA ensuring guaranteed response times

Leverage our 24/7 Network Operations Control
and continuous health monitoring

Engage with a dedicated account manager
for streamlined communication

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Why Frisbee?
Unite your teams and steer digital governance adeptly with channel-based collaborations, safeguarded by unparalleled, military-grade security protocols

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