Features and Capabilities

Unite your teams and steer digital governance adeptly with channel-based collaborations, safeguarded by unparalleled, military-grade security protocols

Secured Communication

Effective Collaboration

Usability. Flexibility. Safety.

and group chats

Organising communication. Business conversation separate from personal chats.


Separate spaces for communicating within a department or for discussing multiple issues within a single project.

Available on any device

Install the app for your system: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Linux.

and video conferencing

Stay in touch with your team at all times. Communicate and schedule meetings via audio and video conferencing.

Secure data sharing

Messages and files are stored on a dedicated corporate server in encrypted form.

Access management

Frisbee makes it easy to manage employee access to messenger data.

Messaging and file sharing

Documents, links and files belong to your organisation

Messaging and document sharing with no restrictions on file format and size

New employees may see the message history

Voice Calls and
Video Conferencing

Facilitate participation with guest-inviting links

Initiate audio and video calls directly from any group chat

Tailor attendee displays as per requirements

Platform Security

End-to-end encryption for messages, calls and media files
All data is encrypted and stored on the organisation's server in encrypted form
Fault-tolerant and scalable platform architecture
Continuous vulnerability tests
and health monitoring
No undocumented features
Two-factor authentication by PIN code and biometrics

Corporate control

– Centralised administration of the platform users via a separate web application.

– User roles and access rights are separated.

– Ability to communicate with partners.

– Deactivating a user on leaving with all correspondence history and media files saved.

Custom Application and Web-Site

Integration of the customer's style into the design of the platform

Develop corporate identity of the messenger interface

Publishing client applications on GooglePlay and AppStore

Development of corporate lending with links to download the application

Frisbee is available on any platform
Login is only available to registered users
iOS App User Guide
Android App User Guide
WEB App User Guide
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